The Future of Work

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What is the Future of Work

What will our future careers be like? They will surely be technology enhanced in a way that makes a person more agile, creative and productive. Many jobs that exist today, will surely be replaced with robots and some degree of AI & Analytic software solution. We must also be mindful of the fact however that humans are evolved beings from a natural environment on this Earth and that we are social creatures. We actually need clean and “green” environments to have a high quality of life. I believe it is a foregone conclusion that the future of humanity is going to be heavily influenced and modified by technology - the key is to embrace this while keeping our humanity about us. Everyone has a role to play, a contribution to make, and a life to live.

Paul Beddie

I have been working with Paul on a variety of projects, relying on him as a trusted advisor. I very much appreciate Paul’s big picture thinking and his belief in Sustainability to make the world a better place. We need more of this engagement and taking ownership for true global matters which needs to be executed on the highest senior levels of multinational companies.

Maik Walther, VP APAC, Kulzer GmbH

How It Works

I work with our members in both substantive 1-1 sessions as well as regular peer roundtables to identify and share what actions Senior Executives need to be taking to drive their organizations and teams to be ready to take advantage of the benefits, as well as be prepared for the risks that are coming. Using my existing global relationships and through in-depth research, I identify potential solutions specific to the opportunities and risks identified and introduce these concepts to my clients.

As part of the Future of Work I work with clients to address the needs in your organization, including:

  1. Workspace Management Solutions using the industry’s most powerful, cloud based enterprise-class workplace and campus management platform to optimize space and meeting room utilization, cost control and revenue capture;
  2. Data Automation and ESG (Environmental, Sustainability & Governance) Platform Solutions in the cloud to reshape business strategies, drive financial performance & boost operational efficiencies for the built environment;
  3. Indoor air quality solutions for commercial, hospitality and industrial sites levering real-time IoT data monitoring to optimize energy efficiency and the performance and health of the people working in these spaces;
  4. Smart building solutions that help customers make effective, timely decisions to reduce operating and energy expenses while delivering an exceptional occupant experience.  Using IoT and Analytics tools, optimize the people and cost performance of the work being done in your buildings

Lets talk about how to make you and your company the best that it can be!

Why is this an important service?

The first CEO’s to understand and fully embrace Sustainability and its business impacts will become the rock star CEO’s of their industry. Thinking about and actually acting on all aspects of energy & water usage, waste generation, pollution generation and the benefits of having and leveraging a natural environment with a long-term focus are critical components for companies future growth and profitability. This will drive organization design and company cultures to strive not only do the right thing but, more importantly in a capitalistic society, will drive long-term profit and wealth creation.

Sustainability is the differentiating, strategic concept for the Future of Work. It becomes embedded in everything a company does until it is simply Business As Usual, and no longer the domain of a CSR or Sustainability department.

As a part of the Future of Work, senior leaders will move from approaching sustainability as something that’s currently seen as "nice to have", to a critical and central aspect of their operations, driving long-term bottom line profitability and innovation. They will learn how to integrate this in every imaginable aspect, from using Sustainability principles to drive down energy consumption; resource consumption and waste generation; to worker productivity and wellness; product and organizational design; as well as employee attraction, and retention; even customer attraction and retention.