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Why you should work with the Institute

What FutureMax Institue will do for your Business

FutureMax provides two consulting services that support our vision to make a better and more sustainable world;

  • CEO and Senior executive Strategy Realization Services to embed strategic sustainability design principals into ALL aspects of the company’s operations with targeted outcomes and ROI
  • Identification, selection and implementation of targeted IT and/or, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, Smart Building, SDG (Sustainability Development Goals), ESG (Energy, Sustainability & Governance) solutions that reduce costs and/or improve revenues, and productivity in the built environment.

Paul Beddie

Creativity, Imagination, empathy, new ways of thinking and doing, insightfulness, flexibility and adaptation to the environment around you and an ability to write, paint, sing, act will all be skills of the future.

Why you should work with FutureMax

The FutureMax Institute is a unique company based on the CEO, Paul Beddie’s, commitment and passion for sustainability and his deep desire to contribute to solving the causes of man-made climate change. Critically this sustainability commitment comes with a simultaneously deep desire to improving long-term corporate profitability and quality of life for all people. We are particularly strong in providing services for companies operating in the world’s fastest and most dynamic region, Asia, where Paul has been living and working since 1991 and where he has a deep understanding of the various business practices and cultures across the region.

FutureMax applies a pragmatic and financially realistic approach with our clients to embed sustainability as a core, strategic operating principle in their company’s DNA. It goes beyond the traditional environmental, built environment approach to sustainability and also includes organisational design, worker productivity and how to leverage new technologies such as AI and Blockchain to ensure we have a liveable and equitable future for all of humanity.

I have known Paul for 20 years. His decades of on-the-ground global experience gives his insights and advice a very practical edge, both from knowing what he is talking about but also having personally experienced much of what he advises his clients to do. Paul’s work at the world’s largest advisory firms and his subsequent involvement in entrepreneurial companies uniquely qualifies him in combining that knowledge into his current passion to address sustainability, linking technology and people.

Ken Smith, Partner, Americas Global Trade Leader, Ernst & Young


The FutureMax Institute is first and foremost a Trusted Advisor of CEOs. We support CEOs and their direct reports to fully embed sustainability into their organization to support a high quality Future of Work. As part of our research and relationship building around the world, we come across solution vendors that are exceptional at what they do and who share FutureMax’s mission of using Nature + Technology + People to make an impact by taking what is and maximizing it.

We are pleased to partner with a select number of best-in-class solution providers as possible options for our clients. These proven and robust solutions help companies take real, measurable action to drive profitability, human productivity and sustainability leadership. Our partner solutions are not the right answer for all clients but for those where there is a great fit and the financial story stacks up, FutureMax offers these solutions:

  • EMS Software - The industry’s most powerful enterprise-class workplace and campus management platform.
    Your working space is no longer defined by its walls. People meet, work and study in new ways, in-person and online, and demand an open, agile and technologically smart approach to workspace design. 

  • Goby - Monitor, correlate, and share the positive impact of sustainability initiatives on your business performance in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) sector. A cloud-based, ESG platform for the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) sector that transforms bill-level insights into portfolio-level value.