About FutureMax

Our Work Experience and Philosophy.

Origins of FutureMax

Paul's philosophy values Integrity, Trust, Quality, Empathy, Contribution and Global engagement.

He believes a single person can be the spark that changes many lives for the better. Ideas and innovation are generated through the interaction of many different people from many different backgrounds and strengths. Action and results occurs when a leader decides to step up and take responsibly for driving positive outcomes. With nearly 30 years of experience, he’s observed that with the right mindset, we can disrupt the system maximizing our world making it more livable, more equitable and more sustainable.

Paul Beddie

We are creating a better and more sustainable world. By maximizing the Intersection of Nature, People and Technology, we are making an impact.

A Sample of Paul's Experience

After 27 years of working in Asia in varied and increasingly senior roles, there’s hardly a major Asian airport that Paul can travel through and not run into someone he knows. Paul has a breadth of business leadership and strategy experience and knowledge from startups to mergers, to expansions to sales. Paul makes things happen bringing speed to projects to ensure execution is achieved and strategic plans and goals are met all whilst having a vision of a sustainable world. Every role Paul has had has resulted in expansions, developing business opportunities to exceed stakeholders expectations beyond what was thought possible. Projects of magnitude suit him best, giving him the opportunity to access his global network creating change all whilst managing multiple opportunities at the one time.

For a broader understanding of what Paul has experienced download his successes.

Paul is an extremely value driven individual. His integrity promotes strong and long standing business relationships. A visionary leader who inspires those who work with him because of his commitment to excellence and unwavering values. His ambition for a better and sustainable world is infectious and his passion is admirable.


The Backstory

Paul has always been a little different - born in California, grew up in New Orleans he’s lived more years of his life in Tokyo than any other city and more than half of his life has been lived outside of the US in Europe and Asia. From the age of 13 he had his first international experience in Asia and knew then that a driving theme of his life would be global engagement. The themes of sustainability, contribution and integrity would come a few years later after graduating from a New England boarding school and receiving his undergraduate degree in International Affairs. The geopolitical, economic and environmental global changes that have occurred since were unfathomable at the time.

Trust, quality and empathy in the initial decade of his work life shifting from a manager to a leader who motivates and inspires others. FutureMax is the embodiment of his passion and purposed to be centred on sustainability, globalisation and making a significant contribution to helping people and the companies they work in. Leveraging nearly 30 years of professional experiences and 50 years of life experiences to help our clients get ready for and maximise their value in the exciting and fast changing future of work.

Personal Life

Paul currently resides in Shanghai, China with his Japanese wife where they recently have become “empty nesters”. Their 3 children are now all living in the US and all are pursuing incredible lives to be the best artists they can possibly become.

Paul particularly loves to travel and he tends to be the designated family travel and holiday planner and has a knack for finding those cool holiday home rentals. He’s been a swimmer all of his life (even before he could walk) and he swam competitively until the age of 15. Paul also loves learning and is an avid reader, The Economist being one of his favourite reads.

Paul and His Wife in an Art Museum